Holistic Listing Support
Both primary and follow-on listings receive comprehensive support spanning marketing, communities, infrastructure support, and liquidity provision allowing projects to focus on building utility & fundamental value while AscendEX manages the rest.
Diverse Global Presence
AscendEX has a diverse global user base of retail and institutional traders from over 200 countries. This global presence promotes diverse trading activities & community engagement across time zones. Top countries include: China, Vietnam, India, Russia, South Korea, Japan, Turkey, Germany, United Kingdom, Netherlands, etc.
Strategic Liquidity Incentives
AscendEX promotes efficient trading for new listings by incentivizing liquidity providers with the industry’s most attractive rebates of 1.5 bps (0.015%) and minimizing transaction costs for takers with fees as low as 2.0 bps (0.02%).
Innovative Staking Support
AscendEX's unique staking platform supports higher & more resilient stake ratios for blockchain networks by allowing users to compound staking rewards & use staked assets as margin collateral, thus eliminating the need to unbond to hedge exposure.
Contact listing-service@ascendex.com to Learn More about our listing process.