DOT Slot Auction

Start Voting to Earn Rewards!

Slot Auction Process

Auction Starts

Vote for your preferred projects

Users can support their favorite projects by bidding DOT tokens, which will be locked during the Crowdloan period.

Auction Timetable

Bid Winner

Issue locking vouchers to provide liquidity

If a project wins the bid, the DOT that was delegated to vote with will be locked during the lease period. To provide liquidity, AscendEX will issue DOT-A (a voucher for users’ locked DOT) to users based on the amount of locked DOT at the ratio of 1:1. The trading functionality of DOT-A will be activated within 60 days after the auction’s conclusion.

Rewards Distribution

Voting rewards will be fully distributed

If the project users voted for wins the bid, AscendEX will fully distribute the voting rewards to voters.

Project Overview

Underway Concluded
Lockup Term
Auction Deadline
Total Rewards during the Lease



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Special Notes:

AscendEX will make its best effort to ensure a successful slot auction voting process, but it does not guarantee a successful voting experience for users. AscendEX shall not be responsible for any loss of assets caused by any potential risk such as project suspension, termination, bankruptcy or abnormal suspension or termination of trading by any third-party platform. Please read project briefs and FAQs carefully prior to voting.